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Jesús Tejedor


Presented as series with a common denominator, the original idea with which they were created, and a specific theme in a title that unifies them. They can have different technical characteristics and sizes even within the same series, to the point that they can interact with each other. The work in diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs acquire meaning in their grouping, as in the pages of a book.



Most of the work presented in the Gallery is composed of two or more pictorial pieces; it is the ensemble of the different units that make them up that support the weight of the work. Some are planned as inseparable works, others can be distributed randomly, characterised as single or multiple works.


The creation of the Books can go from mini-exhibitions in a single work to a book as an art object. It unifies the relationship between the Collections and the Gallery as a sometimes preparatory, sometimes conclusive work. It is perhaps the space of greatest freedom, where multiple and serial works converge. In the book, the time factor intervenes intrinsically as a key, disposing the work to greater dynamism in its perception and predisposing it to a more leisurely contemplation.

Contemporary Art, Artist's Book, Original Graphic Works, Photography, Drawings and Paintings by Jesús Tejedor.



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Copyright by Jesus Tejedor

Translated from Spanish and French by DeepL

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