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Jesús Tejedor

Contemporary Art, Artist's Book, Original Graphic Works,

Photography, Drawings Sculptures and Paintings.

Selfportrait WB by Jesús tejedor
The Captives BN by Jesus Tejedor
The Captives

The collection "Los Cautivos" emerges as preparatory drawings for a sculptural group, originally conceived in shades of gray and black figures with the initial intention of materializing in bronze. These works reinforce the continuity of the hexagon, present in previous works, and exhibit extensions of hands and feet that intertwine like threads, generating a sense of connection and restraint.

The Captives
Hand and Foot
A Contrary World
The Return
Partners 3
The Border BN by Jesus Tejedor

Imposed boundaries, chosen ones, imaginary ones... of all types of boundaries, the self-imposed one is the one that others desire, under the cultural yoke, the psychological label, inheritance or memory; it conditions us and preserves us from ourselves. Placing ourselves in no man's land as a vital option. 

Knots 1
Field of Thorns A
The Border IV
The Border III
The Border
ExpoBooks by Jesus Tejedor

The creation of the Books can go from mini-exhibitions in a single work to a book as an art object. It unifies the relationship between the Collections and the Gallery as a sometimes preparatory, sometimes conclusive work. It is perhaps the space of greatest freedom, where multiple and serial works converge. In the book, the time factor intervenes intrinsically as a key, disposing the work to greater dynamism in its perception and predisposing it to a more leisurely contemplation.

Expo Forest by Jesus Tejedor

A series of artworks that invite you to delve into a world of introspection through creations made 2 or more years ago. This collection seeks to explore the different nuances of concerns, reflections, and internal conflicts.

Eclipse of Memory
Travel Notebook Learning
To C. Sagan
Nests Green


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Translated from Spanish and French by DeepL

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