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To C. Sagan

Carl Sagan's Cosmos series influenced the author of these monotypes, as it did his entire generation, in his interest in science. Starting from the idea of the nest as a planet, the author recreates anthropomorphic forms modelled in clay, printed on paper to be intervened with the monotype technique and finished in India ink and marker. Craters and fluids model each planet, crowned with waves to make us feel at the centre of its universe. Oscillations and intuited trajectories provoked in the author feelings of uncertainty, admiration, surprise and stupefaction. A small tribute accompanied by the overture of the series: Heaven And Hell by Vangelis. Sometimes contradictory sensations but always pleasing. He refers to his previous series of nests and micro universes, surrounded by an organic architecture and trajectories that interact with the environment.


Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.




70 X 350 cms.

High                                  Width



Graphic work. Indian ink, marker, two-colour monotype on photograph printed.

Paper 240grs.

Multiple work


No rigid support. Without rigid support and decorative frame

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