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The Captives

The collection "Los Cautivos" emerges as preparatory drawings for a sculptural group, originally conceived in shades of gray and black figures with the initial intention of materializing in bronze. These works reinforce the continuity of the hexagon, present in previous works, and exhibit extensions of hands and feet that intertwine like threads, generating a sense of connection and restraint.
Visions in false perspectives distort the viewer's perception, suggesting more with their shadows projected on the floor and walls than with the work itself. This illusion challenges conventional perceptions and invites exploration of the multiple layers of meaning present in each work.
In contrast to the solid and forceful nature of bronze, the lightness of the lines suggests the forms, although their deformation is evident with the movement of the viewer. This duality between solidity and lightness, between what is suggested and what is deformed, creates a unique dynamic that seeks to explore the interaction between form, shadow, and illusion.
"Los Cautivos" seeks to challenge conventional perceptions and offer an artistic experience in which contemplation becomes a journey towards reflection and reinterpretation of reality, inviting the observer to reflect on the complexity of form and visual perception.


Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.




200 X 500 cms.

High                                  Width



Acrylic, charcoal, conté.


Multiple work


No rigid support and decorative frame

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