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Sociedad Anónima B

Corporation Company (Society of an anonymous state). Continuing with the idea of Net that began with the series The Border, and situating myself at first in a supposed "no man's land", this work began as a series of structures in the form of border control towers and prisons. As I progressed in this project, these structures based on cubes and triangles as Bravais networks and superimposed reminded me of the hexagonal atomic structures of atoms in the plane of different crystals of chemical elements that when stacked in layers gave me a staggered structure. 
Networks of interactions and relationships between different elements, entities, societies. Based on the complexity and structure of different systems. They usually involve an interdependence or dependence between each element. A change or a mistake in one of these elements affects the whole network, creating tensions that leave their mark on the whole. 
My watchtowers were implicit in the hexagonal networks that delimit our borders, properties, cages...





Multiple work

Mixed media (oil, conté, pastel, acrylic)


Wooden frame painting. No decorative frame needed

Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.


240 X 120 cms.

High                                  Width



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