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Paper Moon

The story "Luna sin Pisar" (Untrodden Moon) by Luis C. Folgado, tells us about the great deed of man to step on our satellite, at the time poetry stopped singing with romanticism the luminosity of the night.
In January 2019 China put a lunar probe vehicle on the dark side of the moon and the moon definitively lost its mystery to make way for reason.
Paper Moon changes the binomial "positive - negative" for a "positive - positive", both sides are illuminated, what yesterday could have been negative, today looks positive. Trajectories, technologies, deductions and probability statistics accompany the poet's moon today.





Multiple work

Acrylic, ink, collage print.

Paper indian.

No rigid support and decorative frame

Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.


95 X 347,5 cms.

High                                  Width



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