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Nests Blue

Between 2014 and 2015, I began a series of nests or volumes of life units, like cells that at the same time harbour other beings. This series resulted in a number of photographs taken at Fontaineblau. The nests made with wooden sticks, strings, paper and glue are objects between 30 and 70 cms in diameter. Revisiting the series in photographic format, I have added a more ethereal and serious component, starting with the diptych Hidden Nest, which led me to the polyptych Nests.
I searched in the most purely organic and made forms that coexisted with it. The concept of the house-home, in its most conceptual form, the cocoon of a chrysalis, as a temporary habitat in perfect harmony with the arbitrary in nature, is what is breathed in these works. The ephemerality of life, the fleetingness of the moment, if we could see that everything passes fleetingly, the forest would let us see the trees.The construction of trajectories, often changing, evoke in the author the imprints and turns in the process of realisation of the work. The artist focuses especially on the process, evoking the habitability of each host unit and contrasts it with an architecture of networks as internal circuits of spaces to be explored.


Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.





135 X 297 cms.





Photo printing. Ink, acrylic, marker, coloured pencil and digital print.

Paper Murillo 300 grs.

€ 5000,00 together

Multiple work


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