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The author prefers to let himself be carried away by simple sensations in his encounter with nature, he reconstructs them from memory and his goal is that through the work, and each and every time he contemplates it, he can relive those sensations in himself. Almost in communion with the principles and creative methods of the English romantic poet William Worthsworth, he confesses that he only intends to transmit those small moments that provoked him to bring them to his work, to the point where they both agree: "I am particularly interested in the memory of sensations. I take pleasure in the sounds, the perfume, the careless drop that falls on the paper". He is more interested in the expression of a mental process than in the physical character of his work, forcing himself to be as receptive as possible, to let himself be amazed, to live experiences.
Bosque was born out of a desire to share the sensation he experienced when he entered the hidden, surprising and mysterious part of any forest. This intrusion makes him uneasy and awakens ancestral fears, at the same time as it attracts him with a sensual and magical call.
At the same time the idea of the forest is a vindication of the commitment to the protection of the environment, "among other things," he says, "because I believe that we should enhance what we are in fact rather than mistreat ourselves," and we are nature.





Multiple work

Mixed media (relief printing, varnishes, inks, collage).

Paper Arches 250 grs.

Rigid cardboard support without decorative frame

Number of components

Size group

Unit size in cms.


197 X 950 cms.

High                                  Width



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