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Series in digital print on greaseproof paper, photography, metallic tack on paper. 70 x 50 cms.

70 X 50 cms.

The first function of any plastic representation in an image is to freeze time, especially photography. Tempo, in Italian, refers to the speed with which a piece of music must be played. The author photographs a frozen circular time, the measure of time as a tool to possess it, its representation has evolved throughout the history of man but the interest in dominating, stopping or accelerating it is still valid for the author, confirming the kindness and cruelty to which the universe submits.
Tempo I 
Chrono God of Time
Tempo II
Hurricane Irma
Tempo III
Sun stone, Aztec calendar
Tempo IV
The three ages of man. Giorgione 1510 at Palazzo Pitti
Tempo V
Dies Irae (the day of wrath) Requiem in D minor (K626) Mozart
Tempo VI
Faust, the Waiting, in the Almudena Cemetery (Madrid)

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