A drop


Memory is frozen in the nest of childhood. The margins enter the terrain of fears, doubts and uncertainties. The perennial becomes obsolete. 

Photons and Vert

Questioning the veracity and demonstrability of any axiom.

A Drop / Chaos 2 / Abdicate

Order implicit in chaos, a helical rhythm.

Chaos 2

Nests  and Green Nest

The construction of trajectories, often changing, evokes in the author the impressions and turns in the process of making the work. 


The primary function of any plastic representation in images is to freeze time, especially photography. Tempo, in Italian, refers to the speed at which a piece of music should be performed. 

The Brightness of your Eye

Memory, like oblivion, is a fine, delicate and forceful line; in opposite directions. Both are consistent with each other.

The eyes of the tree 1, 2 and 3

A holistic view of the functioning of ecosystems and the disruption caused to them by the introduction of invasive species.

To C. Sagan

The author interprets the feelings of admiration that marked the viewing of Carl Sagan's Cosmos series, feelings that are sometimes contradictory but always complacent. 


I begin this collection with six works which, as their name suggests, are a travelogue.

I start from my childhood nest or I go to that nest, looking at Master J. Miro out of the corner of my eye. 


The weight of the word in the conception of a work determines the attitude of the creator and the receiver. Perfidia leaves little to add in a time of social, political and economic upheaval. 


Based on the lines that the waves engrave in liquid bodies, a work carried out with a fluid simulator and other computer tools. A work of fluid conception and execution.

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